Generations of the Chivalry
Raised up or living in An Tir


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This list is based on the inter-Kingdom list ,the AnTir OP , and the input of others. As such, it is obviously both incomplete and subject to errors (not to mention little details like people who have changed their names since). Any additions or corrections would be greatly appreciated.

The ordering is based primarily on the thesis that knighthood comes from the Crown (a debatable point); so who was King is relevant, not who held the sword (although it would be interesting to know for those cases where it was not the King or not only the King) or whether the King was actually even present (as opposed to having authorized someone else to act). This includes cases where the King was an unbelted fighter, but was subsequently knighted. An exception is made where the unbelted king was either a) never knighted or b) eventually knighted by someone who was knighted by him or someone whom he knighted; in those cases, the tie is made based on who was holding the sword.

For those who were knighted by any individual, the ordering is chronological by month and year (but not by day of month because that detail is generally not available), and alphabetical within a given month.

The first generation of the chivalry includes all of those who were knighted through 12th Night II, when the institution was regularized. (Details on who knighted whom through this time are omitted, although the nominal dates have been retained.) All of these individuals constitute the first generation of the chivalry.

This is currently -very- much a first pass, as I have included almost no additions to the Chivalry since AS 30, and only a couple of Knights raised outside of AnTir, but now living in AnTir. Obviously I do need input from people. However please do not expect any changes, additions or corrections until after South Sound Unity Tourney (Aug 21-23), as I will be a little busy until then.
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