2000 ralph lindberg

The image shows what is printed on each T-shirt, front and back. While it is shown in blue, t-shirts were also printed in red and black. All on a light grey background.
The T-shirt's are Hanes "Beefy" 100% cotton.

As of 8 March 2004 the following were unsold
3 Black Med, 1 Red Med, 1 Blue Med
3 Black Large, 4 Red Large
2 Black XL XL

Costs: Med thru XL $12, plus shipping (all funds in US) Shipping is $3.90 for one and $5.75 for two, for more or non-US please contact me for shipping costs


No further re-ordering of these t-shirts are planned. Stock is limited to what is on-hand

Make your check payable to SCA Inc, Barony of Dragons Laire
and mail to

Ralph Lindberg
PO Box 39
Keyport WA 98345

Count of Sizes Sold
10 Each Medium
16 Each Large
23 Each X-L
39 Each 2X
14 Each 3X
8 Each 4X