Table of Contents

Words from Her Excellency
Roll Call of The Serjeantry of Blatha An Oir
The Decree
The Process

The Trials
The Petition
Combat Skills
Marshallate Ability
Persona Development
Heraldry (next page)
Chivalric Behavior & SCA Etiquette
Entertainment Skills
Military Sciences
Practical & Domestic Sciences
Arts & Sciences Submission
The Baroness' Question
To The Candidate
The Rights & Obligations of The Order of Serjeantry
Duties and Obligations of The Serjeantry
Rights & Privileges of The Serjeantry
Multiple Qualifications
Retirement and Removal from the Order
Administration of The Order of Serjeantry
Office of Serjeant Major

Greetings from the and of Her Excellency Isabeau de Blatha An Oir.

Greetings Good Gentle,

Your interest in The Serjeantry of Blatha An Oir does me great honor. In response, I submit the following pages. You will find they contain challenge and opportunity. Examine them carefully, for they are a culmination of tradition and experience that spans more than a decade. They outline expectations already met by those who comprise The Order. As you read, consider not just The Trials, but the duties that success will entail. Passing The Trials is but a beginning. Should you, after reading all of the following, decide that becoming a member of The Serjeantry of Blatha An Oir is a thing you would strive for, then it is my pleasure to invite you to stand The Trials.

History of The Order

Lest we forget our heritage, I must at least outline the origin of The Order of Serjeantry for you.

Many years ago, when The Principality of An Tir was still part of The West, the heart of the Kingdom lay in The Principality of the Mists -- known modernly as the San Francisco Bay area. Because most of the Western peerage lived fifteen to twenty hours away from the An Tiran heart-land, they had little opportunity to consider those of us who had attained a peerage level in our endeavors as artist, administrator and/or combatant. Often our skills and abilities were readily apparent, but ascertaining our peer-like qualities was not so easy. Was a particular An Tiran fit company for a civilized court? Did they dance or scribe? Did they possess knowledge of period entertainments and have a basic understanding of heraldry, etc.? Did they willingly share their accomplishments with others?

In order to facilitate the advancement of An Tirans, our fighters in particular, the landed Baronesses developed a series of Trials that focused on peer-like qualities as well as things martial. Those who passed The Trials became part of an elite Baron esses' Guard. The theory being: When an An Tiran Serjeant came up in Knights Council, or any Peerage council for that matter, it would be obvious that many a pertinent question had already been answered. The Guard became a Kingdom Order that bore the t itle Serjeant, a designation borrowed from the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem where, in period, a mounted fighter, often of some means but without title or fief, swearing to the service of a noble for a specific term of service, was called a Serjeant. Thu s was born the uniquely An Tiran tradition of Serjeantry. Today a member of The Serjeantry is an accomplished fighter whos peer-like qualities make him or her welcome at any court. With the advent of missile combat and, later, of rapier combat, The Serj eantry was opened to Yeomen and Gallants, respectively.

Serjeantry in Blatha An Oir
In An Tir, The Serjeantry of each Barony expresses a unique character that is a reflection of the current Baroness, the founding Baroness and of The People who comprise The Barony at large. In Blatha An Oir, The Order is not just responsible for the se curity and safety of the person of The Baroness. Many ceremonial and service obligations are the sole domains of The Order. Members of The Order act as role models, mentors, ambassadors, administrators and more. They are among The Barony's most frequen t and vital contributors to projects, guilds, and social activities. Further, while it has never been demanded of them, most of The Serjeantry have held, or hold, office at Baronial and/or Kingdom level. They also act as autocrats for many major Baro nial events. They do all this while maintaining their combat currency and prowess.

The Invitation
Now that you have a general overview of The Order, read on. What follows are the requirements that must be met in order to be considered for membership in The Serjeantry of Blatha an Oir.

Again, let me say that the interest you express in standing one of the most definitive Trials this Kingdom has to offer does me great honor. You have both my invitation and my best wishes for your success.

Yours in Service, Isabeau du Lis Noire, OL By The Grace of The Sable Lion
Baroness of Blatha An Oir 
A Baronial Decree

The Trials for The Order of Sergeantry of Blatha An Oir

The principal judges of success in these tests shall be Her Excellency, active members of The Order present, The Officers of The Barony, and such others as Her Excellency shall designate. Members of The Populace shall also be invited to express themselves regarding admission. Her Excellency shall seek the counsel of Her Sergeantry and invited judges, but the ultimate decision regarding admission to The Order rests with Her alone.
Candidates will be required to test in all areas listed below. They shall receive a "yea," "nay," or "maybe" from each judge in each general area. Applicants must receive a "yea" in all areas with one single "maybe" being permitted. A "nay" in any area re sults in disqualification, as will a "maybe" in any two areas. Any area, save that of Specialty Skills may receive a "maybe." Specialty skills must receive a "yea."
Components of The Trial
The Petition (calligraphic skills)
Specialty Skills
Heraldry (Field &;Book)
Marshallate Ability
Chivalric Behavior and Etiquette
SCA Operation, Administration and Policies
Persona Development
Geography (Period &;Societal)
Court of Love
Military Sciences
Practical &;Domestic Sciences
The Baroness' Question
Extra Credit
Roll Call of The Serjeantry of Blatha An Oir

Active Serjeantry

HL 1st Sjt. Harold Thorgoodson von Reinhold
Master Sjt. Hroulag (Ralg) Nielsen, OP
Master Sjt. Walram von Laufenberg, OP
HL Sjt. Ulftonn Bjornsson Haakonsteddir
HL Sjt. Cairbre MacEochaid poc Airgead, Baron An Tir
HL Sjt. Edmund Graham
HL Yeo. Knut Skytja Thorgundabold
Master Yeo/ Sjt. Julian Edward Farnsworth 
First Glnt. Alon de' Leon 
HL Sjt. Lieth an Avranai dal 'Cais
HL Sjt. Edwin de Gris
HL Sjt. Iain Mac Dhugal  Cameron of Beinn Liath
Lord Yeo.Gwalchgwin ap Gryffon
Lady Glnt. Katerina Razin
Lord Glnt. Sebastian de' Caen
HL Yeo. William MacIntoiche
Lord Glnt. Robert Grylion 
Sjt. Karl von der Ostwache
Lord Sjt. Dennis MacLaren
Lady Glnt. Diana McLaughlin
HL Sjt. Leif Moonshadow Ironbarer, Baron Draknvald
Lord Glnt. Ewan MacLaren
Glnt. Anya de Chaalis

Retired Serjeantry

HL Josef de Gonneville -- Serjeant, Retired
David De Bargeneaux -- Serjeant, Retired
HL Haakon Haukarsaon, Baron AnTir -- Serjeant, Retired
HL Tichona di Caldera -- 1st Yeoman, Resigned
Lord Chikara Mochi -- Serjeant, Retired
Douglass of Kingston -- Serjeant, Resigned
HL Aliena of Ierne -- Serjeant, Retired
Master Artemis de Montessori, OP, Baron An Tir-- Gallant, Alumnus
Sir Hathawulf the Spearbreaker, KSCA  -- Serjeant, Emeritus
HL Leif Moonshadow Ironbarer, Baron Draknvald -- Serjeant, Resigned
Iain Mac Dhugal  Cameron of Beinn Liath -- Serjeatn, Resigned


Sir Valtorr of Oslo, KSCA-- Active Honorary Member of the Order Dame Rowan
O'Callighan, OL -- Active Patron of The Order, Founding Baroness of BAO
Gallant Friedreich Wilhelm von Falkenburg -- Deceased

Serjeant Major
1992   Master Sjt. Walram von Laufenberg, OP
1993  Sir Hathawulf the Spearbreaker, KSCA  -- Serjeant, Emeritus
1994  HL Sjt. Iain Mac Dhugal Cameron of Beinn Liath
1995  Lord Glnt. Sebastian de' Caen
1996  Srj Ralg Nilsen
1997  HL Yeo. William MacIntoiche
1998  Master Sjt Walram von Laufenberg
1999  HL Courtier Millicent DeArgent
2000  HL Glnt. Diana McLaughlin

The Process

  1. -- A Sponsor
    It is custom that Candidates, who wish to, may have a member of The Serjeantry as a principal helper and advisor. This person, or sponsor, is to be a member of the speciality The Candidate wants to join, i.e., Yeomen sponsor Yeomen Candidates and so on. This sponsor will guide The Candidate through any questions or worries that arise. If a Candidate wants a sponsor, and none has volunteered, they are to request one from Her Excellency or The Sergeant Major as soon as possible.

  2. -- The Manual
    A compilation of useful information is also available. Candidates wanting to use a manual must contact Her Excellency or The Sergeant Major. If one is issued, it must be returned at Invocation Court before actual trials begin.

  3. -- The Letter of Intent
    A minimum of two months prior to the Trials, each Candidate is to submit to The Baroness a modern letter announcing their intentions to attempt The Trials. This letter includes any concerns or impediments The Candidate may have, such as dyslexia, a difficulty in taking written or oral tests, any physical issues that may be evident, etc.

    The Letter should also include:
    -- Any arts and sciences extra credit that might be submitted.

    -- A synopsis, consisting of four or less sentences, outlining The Candidate's persona. (As a guide, look to the author credits in Tournaments Illuminated.)

  4. -- Heraldic Submission
    Heraldic devices, if not already passed, must be in submission to The Kingdom Principal Herald before the day of Trials. Time your submissions accordingly.

Good Advice

During The Trials

The Trials